In a society that is rapidly becoming technologically driven, industries must not only adapt their traditional models towards digital platforms, but more importantly they must also innovate in order to survive the fourth industrial revolution driven by digital culture and new generations characterized by connectivity.

Digital Spaces is a project that seeks to redefine the boundaries of online media by implementing digital technology, gamified content and cross-reality strategies in order to create meaningful digital experiences.
By combining VR and AR technologies with cross-reality strategies, Digital Spaces proposes The Acropora Gallery, a digital museum prototype that demonstrates the direction in which online gallery experiences must take in order to create truly immersive and meaningful content that will allow visitors to live through digital exhibitions in an entirely new way.

On the left side of this video we see an example of how users will be able to access the online exhibition through a smartphone and any mobile VR headset. On the right we see an example of the marketing campaign designed for the exhibition in addition to social media marketing.
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