I am a Mexican art director with a curious mind, collaborative spirit and a multidisciplinary drive that has led me to develop unique creative and visual concepts for an array of projects, ranging from film and video campaigns, immersive experiences through VR/AR and product design across fashion, entertainment and creative industries and cultural sector.
Specialized in moving image and digital media with five years of experience, I have worked with internationally renowned creative studios like Flaminguettes and Llamarada Animación, top media producers like MTV and Viacom and was head of Video and Media department at international marketing media agency Influence Mexico.
I am recognized for my attention to detail and my ability to bring projects to life by holistically curating and stitching together the adequate elements to build the world and narrative surrounding them. My trained eye in aesthetics and knowledge in trends are a result of years of constant creative research, which have allowed me to easily identify and flow through different creative paths, styles and themes that cater to the needs of each project.
My BA in Animation, Digital Art and Design at Centre of Communications University in Mexico City gave me the tools to master motion graphics and 3D software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, Cinema4D and Zbrush, as well as production pipelines and project management for film and digital media.
My MA in Moving Image at Ravensbourne University in London allowed me to develop skills in creating 360º campaigns for brands, art direction, interactive digital media, and immersive/experiential content development using Unity game engine and HTC Vive. At this time, I also trained as a VFX Compositing Artist at ESCAPE Studios, one of the top learning centers for post-production, film and animation in the industry.
During my MA in Design for Art Direction at UAL London College of Communication, I have truly consolidated my craft and delivered projects that have been selected by multiple creative festivals across the globe. I have established my own voice as an all-round art director and creative that now has her eye set on the future, ready to collaborate and work with others who want to make an impact on the world.
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